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Please ask us, if you need more info

In case you would like to have more information on research, training, clinical geriatrics, management, or publications on these or related issues, please contact me, or chose another person from our organisation, directly involved with your area of interest:

You can mail me directly at: marcel.olderikkert@radboudumc.nl,or mail one of my collegaues (see below).

You can also  phone us at: 024 3616772

Other key professionals of the Geriatric Department, and their email addresses:

Management afd geriatrie
Mw Gemma Bruins, management-assistent
mailto: Gemma.Bruins@Radboudumc.nl Mw drs Jannie van Lieshout, managing director/ bedrijfsleider mailto:G Jannie.vanLieshout@Radboudumc.nl,
Vice Chair/ plaatsvervangend afdelingshoofd

Priamire taken geriatrie:
Patientenzorg/ Patient care: mw drs Yvonne Schoon, plaatsvervangend afd hoofd
Wetenschappelijk onderzoek/Research: dr René Melis, arts-epidemioloog/PI
Rene.Melis @Radboudumc.nl
: ir Freek.vanderPluijm@radboudumc.nl coordinator Alzheimer Centrum          
Onderwijs/Teaching:  kl geriater mw dr Marianne van Iersel: Marianne.vanIersel@Radboudumc.nl
Coschap ouderenzorg: Marcel Olde Rikkert en David Jansen: David.Jansen@Radboudumc.nl

Opleiding klinische geriatrie/ Specialist training: Opleider dr. Dieneke v Asselt (Dieneke.vanAsselt@Radboudumc.nl) en  Gemma.Bruins@Radboudumc.nl
management assistent opleidingscluster Klinische Geriatrie Zuid-Oost Nederland or geriater dr Marianne van Iersel:  Marianne.vanIersel@Radboudumc.nl

At the picture:
Part of our clinical staff team. Left to right: mrs Marianne van Iersel, Annemie Diepstraten; below: Marcel Olde Rikkert, Yvonne Schoon

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