Management Dept Geriatrics

Geriatrics goes for team work improvement and makes choices for more focus in health care

Concerning research, teaching, quality and efficiency of care, patients and coworkers's, many different interests, strategies and future routes, have to be managed and balanced at the roundabout of the management table.

Department Geriatric Medicine: for clinical services, research and teaching

With in total about 100 professionals, the Geriatric department admits approx. 650 patients per year and sees 1200 new patients in our outpatient clinics, it produces ± 50 scientific papers yearly and intensely trains about 50 medical students and 5-10 trainees/physicians.
Apart from this we have an 24/7 team available for geriatric patients on other wards, which now also implements the GIDZ programme (adaptation of the Hospital Elder Life Programme), adapted to the Dutch circumstances.
Together with managing director drs Jannie van Lieshout and mrs Christa Hummelen (Head Nurse) we are all closely involved in managing the geriatric department and it's clinical services, with a focus on quality, efficiency and partnership of frail older subjecst and their caregivers. Dr René Melis also importantly contributes to the managementeam from the research perspective .Dr Yvonne Schoon is Principal Clinician of the department and also head of the Emergency Department of the Radboudumc, which helps to improve our innovation and acute patient care.

 Daily Management Team Dept Geriatrics:

Prof dr Marcel Olde Rikkert, Chair
Drs Jannie v Lieshout Managing Director
Mrs Christa Hummelen-van Vessem, Head Nurse

The research staff is consisting of five post-docs and around 20 PhD students.
The clinical staff consists of 9 geriatricians and 2 physicians assistants.

Olde Rikkert currently also chairs the Radboudumc Alzheimer Centre ( and the Nijmegen Network for Care for the Elderly (, which started in 2008 by a grant of ZonMw (see: In total this network raised more than 15 MEuros from 2008-2018 for major transition and health services research projects focusing on the organization and evaluation of care for the elderly within the National Programme for the Elderly (NPO).

Our group is currently also hosting the national database of TOPICS MDS for this national programme, in which all eight university networks participate. This rich database covers data from about 50,000 frail older persons, and 10,000 caregivers. See for details:

Marcel Olde Rikkert represents the Radboud University Medical Centre in the NFU for research and innovation in the elderly and for safety issues in frail older persons.